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Our online pharmacy offers a range of pharmacy-strength medication to treat a wide range of conditions. Our products include market leading brands such as Solpadeine, Kalms and Canesten along with a wide range of generic medicines offering a cheaper but equally effective treatment for conditions including pain & headache, sleep disturbance and cold & flu.

Our online pharmacy is based at our Devonport Pharmacy and managed by our duty pharmacist and the rest of the team. All orders are clinically checked to ensure they are safe for you and then dispatched to ensure you get the medication you need in a timely manner.

When ordering a pharmacy medication a time slot needs to be selected for your order to be clinically checked by our duty pharmacist and processed by the team. Orders are dispatched on the day of your selected time slot.

All orders placed before 5pm Monday to Friday (Saturday before 12pm) are dispatched 1st class royal mail delivery on the same day. Some of our medications also have the option to add next day delivery for when you need your treatment urgently. Some products will be packed into ‘letterbox friendly’ containers to ensure successful delivery. We will ensure to enclose all original instruction documents and information leaflets into the package.

Our range of services is continuously evolving and expanding to ensure an exceptional experience for all. As part of our commitment to enhancing our service offerings, we have partnered with Pharmadoctor, one of the UK’s leading vaccination and health-screening providers.

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Sleep Disturbance

Our specialists provide solutions to enhance your sleep quality, tackling concerns like insomnia and sleep apnea. Experience the advantages of a well-rested life through our support.


Digestive Health

Make your well-being a priority with our dedicated digestive health services. Our experts offer personalised support to tackle common issues and enhance your overall vitality through evidence-based approaches.


Pain, Headache & Migraine

Count on our team for personalized strategies to effectively manage discomfort and enhance your quality of life. Trust us to help you discover lasting solutions and regain control.


Hayfever Treatments

Discover effective relief from hay fever with our range of personalised treatments. Our experts provide tailored solutions to help you manage symptoms and enjoy the outdoors with greater comfort.


Covid-19 PCR

Antibdy Tests

Check to make sure that you’re safe for Christmas. Get yours today.